Current volume (XXI, year 2019)

Issue 1/2019

Canavari, M., Akgüngör, S., Borsellino, V., Mauracher, C., Naspetti, S., Stanton, J. L., & Stranieri, S. (2019).


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Exploring gender differences in the Italian traditional pizza consumption.

Economia Agro-Alimentare/Food Economy, 21(1), 11-28.



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Celiac and non-celiac consumers' experiences when purchasing gluten-free products in Italy.

Economia Agro-Alimentare / Food Economy, 21(1), 29-48. 



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Reverse Osmosis Water-Based Beverages as a Product Innovation in Gastronomic Facilities: Expert Panelists’ Sensory Evaluation and Generation Y Consumers’ Attitudes.

Economia Agro-Alimentare / Food Economy, 21(1), 49-72. 



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Evaluating the Asset Transfer Model in Facilitating Sustainable Livelihoods in Rural Malawi.

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Thinking outside the box and beyond the slaughterhouse.

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