Performance indicators

Time to first decision

21 days

Review time

Accept: 234 days - Reject: 65 days

Rejection rate



Economia Agro-Alimentare/Food economy is a well-known journal published in Italy since 1996, dealing with the agricultural and food system, and it also counts on a wide international audience in the field. 

  • The content of the journal is abstracted and indexed in many databases.
  • Articles published in Economia Agro-alimentare/Food economy are included in regular email updates to the members of the Italian Society of Agri-food Economics (SIEA) to increase the exposure of the articles we published.
  • The journal offers a swift publication schedule whilst maintaining rigorous peer review.
  • All articles are submitted online and peer review is managed fully electronically. Nevertheless, you will experience a constructive editorial process with a collaborative Editorial Board, a quality peer review and fast publication.
  • Manuscript turn around time is about 4-6 months. 
  • Starting from 2017, at the date of November 30, 2022, we evaluated more than 250 manuscripts (96% in English and 4% in Italian). The overall acceptance rate is about 50%.

Article Publication Charge (APC)

  • No fee is required for manuscripts submission and review. 
  • Until 2019, there were no publication fees and no charges to authors; published articles are accessible through annual subscription to the journal or individually through the website, with payment based on a pay-per-view model. Authors did not receive a complimentary copy of their own article.
  • Starting from 2020, the journal switched to an Open Access model, therefore the authors are required to pay an Article Publication Charge (APC), only in case the manuscript is accepted for publication.
  • The Article Publication Charge is currently set to 300 EUR (plus VAT, when due). This amount partially covers the publication cost of the journal incurred by SIEA.
  • SIEA members who are in good standing with the payment of the membership fee are exempted from payment of the APC. 

Aims & Scope

Economia agro-alimentare/Food Economy  is a triannual peer-reviewed scientific journal.

It offers an international forum for the discussion and analysis of mono and interdisciplinary socio-economic, political, cultural, legal and technical issues, related to agricultural and food systems.

It welcomes submissions of original papers focusing on agriculture, food, safety, nutrition and health, including all processes and infrastructure involved in providing food to populations; as well as the processes, inputs and outputs involved in consumption and disposal of food and food-related items.

Analyses also include social, political, economic and environmental contexts and human resource challenges. Submissions should be addressed to an international audience of researchers, practitioners, and policy makers, and they may consider local, national, or global scales.

Examples of Topics

Food systems

Food safety and quality

Food security

Nutrition and health

Food marketing

Food distribution and retail

Food supply chain management

Food consumer

Sustainability and food

Food policy

Food trade

Food law economics

Agricultural systems

Agricultural policy

Agricultural trade

Agricultural Marketing

Farm management

Farmers' behavior

Agricultural organizations and institutions

Agricultural supply chains

Sustainability and agriculture

Agricultural law

Urban agriculture


Environmental systems

Land and Regional Economics

Natural resource management

Sustainable development

Rural communities

Rural sociology

Agriculture and the enviroment

Climate and agriculture

Social and educational farming

Environmental Law

Food provision

Food culture


Type of documents

The journal publishes
  • Peer-reviewed articles containing original research, reviews, or opinion
    • Full-length articles with double‐blind peer‐review
      • Articles (abstract, introduction, materials & methods, results, conclusions, discussion and references) 
      • Reviews and Short surveys
    • Short articles with Main editor(s) peer review
      • Notes (technical and research notes)
      • case reports
      • short communications
  • Book reviews, letters, opinions and commentaries