Società Italiana di Economia Agro-alimentare

SIEA is an academic and professional association promoting research on the agri-food system, paying attention to its current situation, as well as to its development. The main activities include organizing scientific conferences and meetings involving both academic, institutional and technical stakeholders, thus fostering the professional development of its members and partners. SIEA teams up with other national and international scientific and professional associations focused on food economics studies.



Economia agro-alimentare/SIEA Best Paper Award

Starting from the year 2017, the SIEA Presidential Board will assign the Best Paper Award to the most outstanding article published in English in the previous year's volume of the journal Economia agro-alimentare / Food Economy.


Eligible papers are scientific articles (full-length research papers, reviews, notes) written in English. Editorial materials (e.g., letters to the editors, comments, editorials and other contributions) are excluded.


The award will be assigned on the basis of the judgement of the current members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the journal.


Each member evaluates at least two papers assigned by the editor-in-chief. The judgement is made according to five criteria:

1. Overall value of the manuscript

2. Importance, originality and clarity of objectives

3. Appropriateness of the theoretical framework and consideration of the relevant literature

4. Appropriateness of the empirical analysis, robustness of results and quality of discussion of implications

5. Structure of the manuscript and readability


For each criterion, a score is assigned, that corresponds to a weight:

poor (1) sufficient (2) fair (3) good (4) excellent (5)


A judgement is valid if the article receives at least 4 evaluations by the Scientific Advisory Board members.


The sum of the average weighting will determine the ranking of the articles. In case of ties, the average weight of the criterion "Overall value of the manuscript" will be used to break the tie. In case of further ties, the Presidential board of SIEA will make a decision.


The final decision on the award is made by the Presidential board of SIEA and announced during the SIEA meeting.

Best paper awards

  • Volume 18, 2016: Di Muro, M., Wongprawmas, R., & Canavari, M. (2016). Consumers’ Preferences and Willingness-To-Pay for Misfit Vegetables. Economia Agro-Alimentare, 18(2), 133–154.