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The journal is listed in Scopus® since 2018, with coverage starting from 2012.

Citations for previous years can be extracted using the following advanced query string:
REF ( REFSRCTITLE ( "economia agro-alimentare"  OR  "economia agroalimentare"  OR  "econ. agro-alimentare"  OR  "econ. agroalimentare" )  AND  REFPUBYEAR  <  2012 )


The most recent articles listed in Scopus and citing the articles published in Economia agro-alimentare in the previous three years can be found here (Scopus® access required):,2018,2019&citedYear=2020

SCImago JR indicators

The SCImago Journal & Country Rank is a publicly available portal that includes the journals and country scientific indicators developed from the information contained in the Scopus® database (Elsevier B.V.).


The SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) indicator is  the key indicator offered by SCImago. The "Citations per document" indicator is also provided and the two years version is equivalent to Journal Impact Factor ™ (Thomson Reuters) metric.

CWTS journal indicators

CWTS Journal Indicators provides free access to bibliometric indicators on scientific journals. The indicators have been calculated by Leiden University’s Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) based on the Scopus bibliographic database produced by Elsevier. Indicators are available for over 20,000 journals indexed in the Scopus® database.


SNIP (source normalized impact per paper) and IPP (impact per publication) are the key indicators offered by CWTS.

Citations in Web of Science

The journal is not currently indexed but it is cited in Web of Science.


Therefore, the journal does not have a Journal Impact Factor™, but it is possbile to calculate an approximate value for this index. 


Citations can be extracted using the "Cited Reference Search" tool and this query string for "Cited Work":

"economia agro-alimentare" OR "Econ. agro-alimentare" OR "EC AGROALIMENTARE" OR "Econ. agroalimentare".


229 citations to 110 cited articles in 108 citing articles are currently (06/10/2019) retrievable in the Web of Science Core Collection.


To date, these are the citations in 2019 documents to articles published in the previous 5 years:

2018 (25 citable documents): 7 citations in 7 documents 

2017 (16 citable documents): 4 citations in 4 documents 

2016 (16 citable documents): 1 citations in 1 documents

2015 (14 citable documents): 10 citations in 10 documents

2014 (20 citable documents): 0 citations in 0 documents 

Score 2019 (2Y, provisional): 0,268

Score 2019 (5Y, provisional): 0,241


To date, these are the citations in 2018 documents to articles published in the previous 5 years:

2017 (16 citable documents): 3 citations in 3 documents 

2016 (16 citable documents): 1 citations in 1 documents

2015 (14 citable documents): 3 citations in 3 documents

2014 (20 citable documents): 4 citations in 4 documents 

2013 (24 citable documents): 14 citations in 14 documents

Score 2018 (2Y): 0,125

Score 2018 (5Y): 0,274


To date, these are the citations in 2017 documents to articles published in the previous 5 years:

2016 (16 citable documents): 1 citations in 1 documents

2015 (14 citable documents): 5 citations in 5 documents

2014 (20 citable documents): 1 citations in 1 documents 

2013 (24 citable documents): 7 citations in 7 documents

2012 (15 citable documents): 2 citations in 2 documents 

Score 2017 (2Y): 0,200

Score 2017 (5Y): 0,180


Google Scholar

The journal is indexed by Google Scholar and the calculated metrics are as follows:

  • h5-index = 7
  • Median h5 = 8


The most cited papers are listed here:


According to Journal Scholar Metrics, a bibliometric tool that seeks to measure the performance of Art, Humanities, and Social Science journals by counting the number of bibliographic citations their articles have received according to Google Scholar, Economia agro-alimentare is ranked in Q3 (1236th out of 1730 journals) in the Subject Category "Business Economics & Management".


Journal Scholar Metrics is a product developed by EC3 Research Group: Evaluación de la Ciencia y la Comunicación Científica. Universidad de Granada.



The RePEc database allows to show the access statistics (abstract views and downloads) to the articles reached through the EconPapers web site:

Other metrics


The journal is indexed in MIAR, a database of scientific literature that evaluates journals based on a multi-criteria approach.

They calculare the ICDS (Secondary Composite Index Broadcasting), an indicator that shows the visibility of the journal in different scientific databases of international scope.

  • ICDS (2019) = 9.9
  • ICDS (2018) = 9.8
  • ICDS (2017) = 6.3 
  • ICDS (2016) = 6.3 


Index Copernicus


The journal is also indexed in the Index Copernicus, a database of scientific literature that rates scientific journals calculating the ICV (Index Copernicus Value).

  • ICV 2018: 97.46
  • ICV 2017: 97.46
  • ICV 2016: 86.47
  • ICV 2015: 79.93



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