FrancoAngeli Edizioni

Founded in 1955, FrancoAngeli offers the biggest specialised catalogue in Italy: 17.000 books, 900 new titles every year, more than 80 periodicals, more than 30.000 authors.

From management to psychology, from sociology to architecture, from economy to humanistic doctrines: the widest range of proposals to satisfy the need for brushing professionals’ and scholars’ knowledge up; and to answer academic and post-academic request of updated and specialised studies.

MANAGEMENT In last decades, Italian management training was provided mainly by Franco Angeli’s books, publications and magazines. Since then, the company became a true and unexcelled leader in this portion of the market: its share is today beyond 50 per cent.

NEW PROFESSIONS Starting from management, Franco Angeli diversified and broadened its horizons to new professions: non profit, social aid, tourism, education and psychology handbooks and tools.

ACADEMIC AND POST-ACADEMIC EDUCATION The third but not less prominent area of presence of the publishing house grew around researches in a wide set of university subjects of study. At the very beginning it was economy. But soon FrancoAngeli developed a wide offer of books dealing first of all with psychology, sociology, anthropology, pedagogy, history, philosophy, architecture, town-planning, employees and employers right.

For Italian scholars, researchers, managers FrancoAngeli represents today an unchallenged landmark: the biggest specialised library of Italy.

Headquarters are based in Milan. In 1985 an office was opened in Rome as well, producing today about one third of the entire production.

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