Economia agro-alimentare / Food Economy is published triannually. Issues are scheduled in April, August, and December.


Articles published by FrancoAngeli Edizioni, starting from Volume 5 (2000) till the current Volume 20 (2018) can be bought online on the publisher's web site or read online on the Casalini Torrossa platform.

Latest articles

ISSUE 1/2018 (published April 2018)


Canavari, M., Borsellino, V., Hingley, M.K., Mauracher, C., Naspetti, S., Stanton, J.L., & Stranieri, S.

Economia Agro-alimentare/Food Economy, 20(1), 7-10.

doi: 10.3280/ECAG2018-001001


Consumer preferences and willingness-to- pay for integrated production label on common beans

Silva, A. G., Canavari, M., & Wander, A. E.

Economia Agro-Alimentare/Food Economy, 20(1), 11–28

doi: 10.3280/ECAG2018-001002


The Governance of the Horticultural Supply Chain in the United Kingdom: A Source of Forced Labour?

Schenner, J. K. 

Economia Agro-Alimentare/Food Economy, 20(1), 29–54

doi: 10.3280/ECAG2018-001003


Algerian state subsidy policy of a socio-economical character between the milk quality promotion and self-sufficiency planning

Benyagoub, E., Guessa, B., Ayat, M., & Benyagoub, R.

Economia Agro-Alimentare/Food Economy, 20(1), 55–74

doi: 10.3280/ECAG2018-001004



Substitutability between organic and conventional poultry products and organic price premiums

Oh, S. E., & Vukina, T.

Economia Agro-Alimentare/Food Economy, 20(1), 75–92

doi: 10.3280/ECAG2018-001005


Corporate social responsibility reporting: the case of the agri-food sector

Sodano, V., & Hingley, M. K.

Economia Agro-Alimentare/Food Economy, 20(1), 93–120

doi: 10.3280/ECAG2018-001006