Economia agro-alimentare / Food Economy is published triannually. Issues are scheduled in April, August and December.


Articles published by FrancoAngeli Edizioni, starting from Volume 5 (2000) till the current Volume 19 (2017) can be bought online on the publisher's web site or read online on the Casalini Torrossa platform.

Latest articles

ISSUE 2/2017 (published November 2017)



Canavari, M., Borsellino, V., Hingley, M.K., Mauracher, C., Naspetti, S., Stanton, J.L., & Stranieri, S.

Economia Agro-alimentare/Food Economy, 19(2), 203-205.



Consumer preferences for yogurt in Albania

Zhllima, Imami, D., E., Merkaj, E., Qinami, I., & Nesturi, E.

Economia Agro-alimentare/Food Economy, 19(2). 



How to implement new educational campaigns against food waste: an analysis of best practices in European Countries

Fanelli, R. M., & Di Nocera, A.

Economia Agro-alimentare/Food Economy, 19(2)



Consumer attitudes towards organic food in the Western Balkans – the case of Albania

Imami, D., Skreli, E., Zhllima, E., & Chan, C.

Economia Agro-alimentare/Food Economy, 19(2)



Social farming and the recent national regulation: an exploratory survey

D’Angelo, D., & Senni, S.

Economia Agro-alimentare/Food Economy, 19(2)



The impact of emotional intelligence of consumers when purchasing products with nutritional claims

Lopez-Galán, B., De Magistris, T., & Caputo, V.

Economia Agro-alimentare/Food Economy, 19(2)